Tire Registration

Registering your tires enables us to contact you in the event of a replacement or recall campaign. Please note that this is not a warranty registration.

Before You Start

To complete your registration, you will need:

1. Your contact information

2. The DOT Codes of your new tires.

DOT Codes can be found on the dealer registry card or on the sidewall of your tires. In the photo example below, the DOT Code is R8A63MER4613:

3. Dealer information and sales receipt

Your Information is Protected: TBC Brands protects the privacy of tire registration information. It is prohibited to sell this data or use it for promotional purposes. We will not contact you for any reason other than in the event of a tire replacement or recall campaign. If you have already submitted a tire registration but need to inform us of a change, please resubmit the form with your updated contact information.

Your Contact Information


DOT Codes:

DOT codes can be found on your dealer registry card or on your tires (see example to the left). Please note that multiple tires can have the same DOT code, or they can be different. Be sure to check each tire. Also, double check the code you enter.
with same Code

with same Code

with same Code

Dealer Information