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At Eldorado Tire®, we’ve been supplying independent tire dealers throughout North America since 1966. We started as a member-owned, private brand tire company, and now more than 45 years later, we’re proud to be a leading supplier in the replacement tire market. Thanks in no small part to our four founding tenets – Performance, Engineering, Quality and Value – Eldorado Tire is a cornerstone of reliability and quality for our customers, and every purchase is an invitation to “Discover the Legend in Tires!”

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Eldorado offers a comprehensive selection of tires across all market segments. As a dealer, you will have access to the informative marketing materials, engaging signage and friendly customer service to help you meet all your customers’ needs.

Additionally, as a full service provider, we offer an extensive range of supplemental products, including steel wheels, wheel weights, valve stems and tire equipment.

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